There Is Only Today !

The past is never to be relived, but can only be revisited. There are a string of yesterdays but in reality there is only a single one. It is something for each of us to decide. We can learn from what has happened in the past, and remember that which was, but it is actually etched in stone, and will forever remain so, immutable, as what it has always been. And that is simply a memory.

The future only exists as Tomorrow, and as we all know, it is a reality that will never come to be. There will be no endless supply of Tomorrows. There is always only a single one, and we shall never live there. It can only be defined as the vision of what we hope to be, and to accomplish. It is where we want to be, someday. But that someday will always remain in the future.

And then there is Today. It is where we live, always. We are born in the Today, we live in Today, and we shall die Today. If we live for the future, and live for Tomorrow, we live in a dream. If we live with the expectation that Tomorrow will bring peace and success, we will find neither. Again, there will be no endless amount of Todays. There is and will be but one, and you are in it, as we speak.

Live for Today for Tomorrow we die
But as we know, Tomorrow never comes
So do we therefore live forever?
Alas, the truth, we die Today

So we live in a reality that exists of only 3 days. Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow. Two actually, since the future will remain firmly out of our grasp, and our ability to experience it. Only one, possibly, since the past is but a cloud of memories, and like Tomorrow, is nothing more than a dream. But Today! Ahh, Today. This is where we live, the longest day of your life. The only day of your life. This is where stuff gets done. And not to burst anyone’s bubble or poop anybody’s party, Today is the day you will die. Get used to it. Embrace it. Live with it.

As we talk here Today, it is, well . . . . Today. After lunch it will remain Today. As I fall asleep, it is still going to be Today. And when I awake? Guess what? Still Today. Do you see where I am going with this? We cannot live in the past, or the future. There is only Today, so if we are to accomplish anything of meaning it will be Today! Not Tomorrow. If we want to bring value and purpose to our existence, we need to get to it, since there is only a single day to accomplish that. The length of that day is yet to be determined, and in that we have little or no choice. But we do have the choice on what we shall do Today. It’s going to be a busy day. It’s already been a long and difficult one. I have no expectations that this will change much. But hopefully, what we accomplish will be something to be proud of. So get to it. Times a wastin’. You ain’t got all day. Or do you?

Live for Today, because Tomorrow we die. If only that were true. We would then live forever and have all the time in the world to accomplish all of our hopes and our dreams. But we won’t, and therefore there is much to be done Today. Go out and live life. Experience it. Learn from it. Grow. Evolve. Find happiness, and peace, and contentment. And Love. I truly wish that you find love. It is the greatest gift our existence offers.

Go out and love like there is no Tomorrow.
Because ….. there is none.


  1. This is always on my mind. And I am often relaying the importance to Jack of only having today, having right now and trying to live in and appreciate each moment. Planning for tomorrow is necessary but worrying about tomorrow doesn’t allow us to live today. Terminal illness really bring this issue front and center, whether in people or in our pets. Not always easy to center ourselves. Our human nature always wants to travel back over the past or worry about the future.

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