The Rock Farm

It Is What It Is !

Sometimes …. You just have to play the hand you are dealt

For us, in our little corner of existence, we grow rocks. It didn’t start out that way. It was not the plan. Mother Earth has a very perverted and off-beat sense of humor. You see that small little rock sticking out of the ground over there? You know, right where we want to plant that apple tree? Well, three days later the hole is ready, and there is a 2000 pound rock that now sits next to the tree. Very funny. Ha-ha. Again, not part of our plan. But for whatever reason, part of hers. And so it goes. But we have come to an agreement of sorts. I continue to dig rocks, and she continues to do whatever she wishes, and that invariably means putting a rock exactly where we did not want one. Nature: 893. Me: 0. The only upside is that we now have 893 rocks. We don’t count the thousands of small ones.

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