Truth is an absolute. Or is it? The discovery of truth has been a perpetual struggle. Not just for the individual, but for mankind, as a whole, as well. On the surface, the concept has a certain obviousness. As you spend time wrestling with the definition over time, you realize that it is one of the more complicated issues you may ever investigate in your lifetime.

Truth is fundamental. There is nothing, absolutely nothing, which does not rely on truth to validate its own value and legitimacy. Philosophy is no exception. Without truth, philosophy is little more than an opinion. Opinions can easily change, and opinions can be very, very wrong. Opinions can be rationalized and manipulated. Truth should be demonstrable. And yet, many times, it is not easily done, and clarity is sometimes a challenge. When a philosophy is indeed an opinion, it becomes an excuse for your actions, and not a blueprint for a lifetime of concerted and directed personal behavior. A well-developed philosophy takes an abundance of effort, and time, often a lifetime, to mold and implement. It must, in the end, be based on fact and reality. On Truth. But, the concepts of facts are often debated. And argued incessantly. How can you disagree with fact? People live in different realities. Some are misguided. Many are psychologically sick and have difficulty discerning certain realities. Are they really sick, or just different and perceiving that which we cannot. Are they truly damaged, or just ‘ others ‘? As we adopt and implement our own philosophies, remember to keep this concept as a warning against ego and hubris.

Is Truth ephemeral as well? Is nothing objective in our existence? Do we exist at all? Are these crazy little metaphysical philosophers on to something? The problem is that by their own definitions, if there can be no truth and no reality, then their theories are worthless, as little more than a dream. So, we shall leave them to a reality wherein there is no reality, and to their existence that does not exist. Let them listen for the sounds that a tree may or may not make when they are not there to hear it. Certainly an interesting point to discuss. But in my reality, not relevant. The tree makes a noise, the sky is blue beyond the clouds, the sun rises every day, or we spin around it as the case may be. The moon exists and is there, even when we think it is not. I think, therefore I am. I exist and I have to live in this reality, whether real or not. These, my friends, are fact. And Truth. It is the only thing that is relevant to ‘ Practical Philosophy ‘. It defines it. It supports it. It validates it.

So what is truth? What is fact? It cannot simply be things we agree on. Truth is not dependent on democracy and a vote. But, in a way, all things come down to a vote. Truth is obvious, for the most part, in my reality. If we disagree, does that negate a truth? It does for one of us, obviously. It would seem that one of us is wrong. Maybe both. When one argument is wrong it does not automatically validate the other. Conviction tells me that truth exists, even if we have yet to discover it. Our paths and the journey we share here, is a part of that discovery. We will each pick up crumbs of enlightenment along the way, each according to his vision and his comprehension, their needs and realities. Our realities may not be identical, but truth and philosophy can bind them together to make a life, resilient and complementary.

Told you it was not going to be easy. And it won’t be. It never is, and probably should not be. Challenges bring much more satisfaction and value to the journey. But remain open to your experience and some light will certainly shine in. Enjoy the trip. It is the only one you can have, at the moment. The path remains an adventure. It lays open before you, both unknown and inviting. The anticipation of the next step should always be one of excitment. Do not look back, you have already been there. Look forward to the future, where the magic happens, where truth awaits.

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