TakeYour First Step Today !

Path, Path, Path. Do these people ever talk about anything else besides the Path? Well, in fact we do. We also talk about Philosophy incessantly. And Religion. And Politics. And if there was enough time, we would touch on everything that you could ever think of. Or dream about.


Because there is nothing, not a single thing, that does not derive from philosophy or your journey along your path. Nothing. Every decision you make. Every thought you take. They are the sum total of your experiences, your life. We use the focus of the Path to give substance and intention to our actions. Maybe not direction, but certainly what we hope to accomplish, somewhere down the road. We each create our own path. We place the signs and the mile markers. We determine the environment and we alone achieve the milestones. Each and every decision, as well as every single thought, is but another step along that Path.

Each step is but another possibility, another opportunity, to bring structure and peace to your present, and your future. Do not look to the past, except maybe for knowledge. Live life today as if there is no tomorrow, since Tomorrow Never Comes. I just love that saying!

If you have yet to recognize your Path, then it is high time that you started. Accept responsibility for your actions. Discover Truth and do no harm. Accept your life. Change that which does not please you. Become the person that you have always envisioned yourself to be. That you are destined to be.

Get on the Path.

Take Your First Step Today !