We are here for many things, but above and beyond all else, we are ultimately here to communicate. We are here for us. And only us. There is nothing else. There is no one else. We are here to make connections. We make those connections with thoughts. With ideas. But primarily we do so using words. Words are important. Very important. Remember that words have meanings, specific meanings. Words can teach. Words can misdirect. Words can hurt, and they can destroy. Words have an unequalled power. Words are why we are here.

If you are here to argue, we can do so. Or we can debate. That is so much more civil than an argument. It would be even better to have a discussion about issues, focusing on ideas and disecting and analyzing all the many facets of any question, whether it be a simple concept, although all things can be complex depending on context, or a deeply complicated ideal, sometimes with ridiclously simple conclusions, once clarity is achieved. But our true goal, and one of the founding concepts of this site, and therefore one of the ‘ raisons d’etre ‘, is simply to have a conversation. We are here to talk. Talk about experiences. Use those experiences to create questions. Why? Why not? What if? Take those questions and explore possibilities. Turn those possibilities into goals and objectives. Which in turn become resolutions. And then actions. And all the time we are learning. About ourselves, and each other. It is all knowledge. It turns into control of self. Control of life. Confidence. And Power. The Power comes from Philosophy…… Practical Philosophy.

It all starts with something so simple. A conversation. Between friends would be nice. But if you take a moment to think about it, that is not a necessity at all. In fact, it is sometimes preferable that you have antagonists in the conversation. They kindle passion. Introduce unexplored points of view. Create unsettling questions. They make for exciting dialogue. Provided, of course, that they are adult. Always considerate. In control of self and their words. Thoughful. Providing insight. Agreement is not required. Respect is. Integrity is essential.

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If we are to grow, and evolve into something a little better with each passing day, it is all the same, whether it is the process of developing ‘ self ‘ or something a little more mundane, like our simple website here. But the process remains the same. We all need criticism, which is not necessarily a bad or negative thing, to understand the areas that need improvement, or maybe just a little ‘ tweak ‘. We need to consider our options, and we need to implement change. And that, my friends, means Conversation, followed by Contemplation, which eventually leads to Comprehension.
We not only propose these things. We live them.

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