Eat Me !

Eat Me!

Some people live to eat. A select few only eat to live. Most of us fit somewhere in between the two.

Those that only eat to live, at least from my perspective, are missing out on one of the things that can add variety and excitement to our daily routines. It enhances our journey. It literally sprinkles some spice into our lives. Those that eat to live miss out on those things, and for me, that is a little sad. Simple pleasures make life worth living, and you should embrace every one you can, whenever you can, to make that journey more satisfying and full. How dreary the function of eating must be to those individuals that have to force themselves to nourish their bodies. Happy body, happy soul. Of course, those that do not look forward to eating probably have an easier time controlling weight and health. But really, if you care little about food, except that it keeps you alive, just how much effort will you put into eating things that are healthy and beneficial? As for me, I have to force myself NOT to eat. Food is a delight, and some food can be an over-delight. Control and moderation, as with most things, is the key.

Those that live to eat can find themselves in a place that is more dismal and depressing than those who do not care at all. Food can be every bit as harmful and destructive to an individual as any drug or vice. It can take over a life and take away free will. Any time you are being controlled by something not of your choice, and free decision, it is never going to be a good thing, on any level. As with our example of those that eat only to live, those addicted to food will find themselves also unable to enjoy that same journey through life, struggling and confronting their demons, instead of experiencing the wonder and excitement of a life worth living. And remember, demons always travel in packs, preying on the weak and unprepared. There are no positives to becoming a slave to inner urges. They wear you down and deplete your soul. Your body deteriorates from excess, and your soul can lose its way. Your path always awaits you, but at times it takes effort to find the way back. Moderation for these people, unfortunately, is rarely an option.

And then there are those of us that fit somewhere in between the extremes. Every day there is a new opportunity to take a step forward on our journey. But along the way there is a constant demand on us to take care of business. And every now and again, there are positive demands. One of those is that we get to eat! One of the absolutely more enjoyable things that we can experience during this crazy trip we call life, is without a doubt, food. It is only one of many pleasures, but it is fundamental and can certainly be a joy, or at least it can be and it should be. But the experience of food is not just the act of eating, but one of the entire process, from growing and harvesting the ingredients, when you can, to searching and collecting the different flavors and spices that make up the final product. Working to create new recipes, or the search for existing recipes that bring excitement and variety to your table. The tactile pleasure you get working to prepare the ingredients. The existing knowledge you need to start and the final knowledge you find working through the process. Combining exotic materials to create unique results. Cooking meats (optional) and vegetables. The sizzle! Adding the spices. Breathing the aromas! And tasting! Always tasting! Add a glass of wine (also optional), and you didn’t even realize it, but you have been having a party! Always best to cook with someone. Who likes to party alone? And after all that, it gets even better. Now you get to experience your work! Mangia! Life is good. Happy body. Happy soul!

Unfortunately, life is not a party all the time. Maybe it should be. Maybe it can be. But not my life. Reality keeps getting in the way. Those demands I mentioned? All of them are not particularly pleasurable. Because of that, we don’t experience that party every time we eat. Not often, as a matter of fact. But try to do so when you can. Most people find themselves gulping and gobbling their breakfasts, their lunches, and even their dinners, trying to squeeze a large amount of life into a small amount of time. More is the pity. Our lifestyles are detrimental to our health. Now isn’t that just wonderful? Ironic, isn’t it? We work so hard trying to enjoy the good life as we slowly self-destruct because of our own behaviors. It affects our weight and our health. It affects our sleep and therefore our health. It affects our relationships, both personal and professional. It takes time away from our friends and family. It is not just about food, but it is a big part of it. Food is fundamental. It is a necessity. We can’t live without it, and it is starting to look like we may not be able to live with it either. Why are we doing this to ourselves? What can we do about it? Not going to be easy. It never is.

If you haven’t realized what this site is about yet, I don’t think that you have been paying enough attention. We like things that are humorous. And irreverent. Things that embody meaning, sometimes verging on the profound. We enjoy things visual, and provocative. We are trying to have a good time. Trying to share thoughts. Wanting to exchange words, and ideas. Attempting to look ahead, with a modicum of optimism and resolve. But underlying all of those things, we have a fundamental goal. To experience, and to learn, and to grow. We passionately believe that everything, and I mean every last aspect of life, is at least somewhat under your control. You can make changes and make progress at any and every level of your existence. But without a plan or a blueprint it can seem an impossible task. We offer the concept of a ‘ Practical Philosophy ‘ here, hoping to help define that blueprint. But it is an extremely personal undertaking. You cannot buy one or rent one. You cannot ‘ adopt ‘ one and no one can ‘ give ‘ you one, free of charge. You have to find it yourself. It must be defined and shaped by you, and you alone. It is a unique thing, and you can search out help, but in the end, it needs to be your own creation. There is a high price, which you pay through thought and effort. You need to be in control to construct a philosophy, and it is difficult to be in control without already having one. Life can be an enigma. Crazy, huh? What a long, strange trip it’s been, and will continue to be. The stakes are high. The rewards are great. In the end you realize ‘ self ‘. And ‘ self ‘ has real value. It may not make you a good cook, but it will help you to appreciate life and enjoy it to its fullest. Your philosophy feeds the soul. It is the ‘ food ‘ the soul needs to thrive. A good philosophy makes for a strong and happy soul.

And remember, Happy Soul, Happy Life!

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