Ain’t Life A Bitch?

Ain’t Life a Bitch ?

Life sucks! …Sometimes. Just when you think you are getting it under control …. curve ball! It is like when a cat plays with a mouse. Unfortunately, me is da mouse and life is da cat. Swatting me around with ease and abandon. For life, I am but a diversion. When I try to escape I am drawn back into the arena by claws that are indifferent and overpowering. He enjoys it, for a while. Then gets bored with my antics and lets me get back to the challenges of my existence.

Life can be soooooo frustrating. n’est-ce pas? But as they say, it’s better than the alternative. Well, actually, there are various alternatives. The implied one, death, is certainly not tops on my list. But there are many others. First of all, and the easiest, is to do …… nothing. Leave it to chance. Destiny. Let the river of life take you where it will. The problem is that sometimes it takes you where you did not want to go. But this is a choice that can, in many instances, bring improvement to your life. Sometimes waiting for an opportunity to present itself actually works, but it will always be completely by accident and not really by choice. And you can wait a very long time, indeed, for that opportunity to arrive, if ever.

We can look to other areas for help, whether people, books, or even religion. That works for some individuals. But even when this option improves life, there is still something missing from the equation. That something is you. You are not the driving force behind the decisions, if other people are making those decisions for you. The life you lead is specifically based on what others think is the right way, and the proper way. They point you in directions that may or may not work. If unsuccessful, it is difficult to decide if you are responsible due to your actions, or the advice and suggestions you were offered. It can also be a combination of both. It is not really possible to agree with anyone all the time, and that just presents new and different frustrations and challenges to replace or add to the ones that previously existed. Conversely, your successes are never totally your own for the same reasons. But this way can be a good choice, at least in the short term. It can get you started on a positive path and if that is the case, it is never a negative. Are there still more alternatives? Of course there are.

The best option will always be when you take control of the situation and start making decisions that will bring a positive result. The best part is that this takes into account all of the above. You still get to do nothing occassionally. Sometimes you need to wait for life to bring challenges to you. It is still a good thing to read and talk to people that can help you. But blind faith and trust can be a dangerous thing. Making your own decisions, on the other hand, only promotes confidence and an eagerness to tackle even more issues. Lifes frustrations continue to show up, but their impact recede in memory as they are resolved. But, no matter what happens, life will continue to be a bitch.

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