Life is Indeed a Miracle

Life is indeed a miracle

If you really think about it, it is difficult, indeed, not to be impressed with what we know of as life. To spend even a moment of time in ‘ contemplation ‘, thinking about the wondrous existence we experience every day, without the word ‘ miracle ‘ coming to mind, is very hard. Life is inexplicable. It is beyond comprehension. The complexity that allows us to live at all is astounding. We are up to 70% water, and we rarely spring a leak! The way all the pieces fit together and work with one another is incomprehensible. And we don’t even have to think about it, for it to work. The fact that these parts wear out is of much concern as you age, but it does not negate the wonder of it all. The lungs and the way we breathe. The heart and our blood that feeds us. Our brains and the ability to think and reason. Well, most of us, anyway. It is all truly a miracle. It is a fact, not a theory. Why we are here and how we got to this point are theories, and will be debated forever. Evolution. Creation. Now there is a subject that can give you some food for thought! At times, I feel that we make it more than it is. At others, maybe we don’t think about it nearly enough. Personally, I don’t believe that the theories are mutually exclusive, but what do I know? That is a thought for another day. A very long and arduous day. But this thing, life, sometimes doesn’t even seem real. This is science fiction in action. Or should we say science non-fiction.

Stop and Smell the Roses

The fact that we take our lives for granted is curious, to say the least. Does it not deserve more appreciation than it receives? And not just human life, but all life. It is all a miracle, and a joy. If we take the time to listen. If we take the time to really look. To smell. And taste. And touch. Use your senses. Whether it is a gift from god or a gift of evolution it is a gift just the same. The pleasure we derive from our senses has no equal. And what is even better, there is no cost involved. Except for the cost of time. We need to spend time exploring the life that exists wherever you are, and wherever you go. Experience it. Enjoy. And the wonder is there for anyone at any time. But you have to want it.

From my perspective, there are some other senses that come into play. Maybe not recognized as actual ‘ senses ‘ but in my reality, even more important and relevant than the originals. The minor one being the sense of time, which is finite, and thought, being the major one, which is infinite. Time imposes an imperative, not the least of which is the time available to experience the pleasure of the other senses. Thought, on the other hand, is the most fundamental, instrumental and instructive of them all. And this one is truly infinite. Without thought, there can be no perception at all. Thought is the process that allows what we sense to become reality. And yes, you knew it was coming at some point, the necessity of philosophy plays a huge role in that perception. No sense can be realized if there is not a framework about what is good and what is not. Animals feel things. Plants feel things. All life perceives their surroundings. Instinct tells them if it is good or bad. Only man chooses to place meaning to his perceptions. Only that framework of philosophy allows you to develop direction and content. You need perspective to determine value. How and where things fit into your reality and interact and relate to each other. The big picture. Yeah. The Big Picture. That’s Philosophy.

So, for at least a moment, wherever you are, and whenever you can, slow down and take a deep breath. Stop. Think about something that pleases you. Smell the roses. Experience a tiny slice of life. Enjoy. Allow your soul to absorb just a split second of peace and contentment. It may not change your life. But maybe it will. I do not see how it could hurt. It just may help you deal with the next challenge that comes your way while on the path of life. Let it put a smile on your face and a rose in your heart. It is there, whenever you want it.

Engage with life.

Be a part of the miracle.

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