The Conversation

This is all that there is. Every wish. Every dream. Every thought. Every word. All that we have to give. Everything we’ve got.
That’s it

It’s all about communication. Philosophy. Religion. Politics. Love. Relationships. It doesn’t matter what. If we cannot communicate, we die. We go mad.
Reality ceases to exist.

It can be the simplest of things. Give me a burger and fries. I’ll take that newspaper, like people even read anymore. To the most complex concepts in life, like
Philosophy and Religion or Politics.

People say that they will talk with you about almost anything, but let’s stay away from politics and religion. Throw in philosophy and you have the trifecta. If you are not talking about any of these things, what’s left in life? We’re back to those fries, and maybe the weather and possibly some sports? That’s no way to live a life. That’s not communication. That’s no way to solve our problems, no way to help those we care about the most.

The Conversation

With it, we may someday achieve our destinies. Without it, we might as well be back in our caves, scratching in the dirt and living like the beasts from which we evolved.

We’re better than that. Or are we?