The Gods Themselves

God created us in his image and likeness
As we created him in ours

We all have it. Some of us deny it. But we have it nonetheless.
Yahweh. Jesus. Allah.
All different, and yet all the same.
Everyone believes in god. Every last one of us. We may believe in a god who looks like us, and epitomizes all the best of us. He may exist. He may not. We may believe in Gaia, Mother Earth. Or nature. We may believe in man, and think that he is his own destiny. Or a cosmic consciousnous, where we are all one. Or cosmology itself, which does NOT preclude a god. Or even our little orphan, atheism.

Why are we here? What’s it all about, Alfie? What is the meaning of life? What does it mean to be a good person? What is the difference between ‘ right ‘ and ‘ wrong ‘ ? If you have ever thought of any of these things, for even an instant, you are searching for answers. You are questioning your existence. You are experiencing spirituality. You have religion. You are looking for an explanation. You are trying to find god. God is the answer.

There are estimates that there may be millions of actual gods that mankind has conjured up over the millenia. Can any single one be the true god? So many of us say ‘ yes ‘, and they got him. Some say they are all right, and god manifests himself in them all. Our atheist brethren say there are none at all. They say that religion is the root of all evil and they need no gods. They may be right. But ….

We are creatures of thought. Every one of us can think, at least in theory. We have reason. My final comment is a simple one. No matter what your belief system, and no matter where it comes from, there is a basic question. However you break down matter, from cells to atoms, from quarks and leptons to who knows what will be discovered in the future. From billions to millions. From thousands to tens. At some point you go from two to one. And the question begs to be asked. Where did that one come from? At some point we reach the beginning. At one instant there was nothing. The next …… matter existed. And the rest is history, so to speak. That was the moment of conception for existence. That was the moment god was born. Or at least the concept. That is religion.

That …. is god.

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