The Great American Experiment

I love my country. I love Democracy. I cry when I see what has become of it.
We are here to witness the end to The ‘ Great American Experiment ‘
The ‘ American Dream ‘ is slipping away before our eyes.

Freedom of speech has been surplanted by an unconstitutional freedom of political correctness. Freedom of Religion has been replaced by an unconstitutional freedom of special interest ‘ diversity ‘. Freedom of the Press has evolved into a culture of Fake News and anything but the truth. Freedom of association has been negated by an unconstitutional barage of violent demonstrations. You still have the Right to Bear Arms as long as you do not own a gun. And the Right to a Trial By Jury has devolved into a ‘ trial by media ‘.

Inarguably, the greatest country this planet has ever seen is slowly disintegrating in front of us, devolving into a parasitic culture that believes that America has failed and should not be allowed to continue. We shall all rue the day that we allowed vastly inferior representation to strip us of our heritage and our right to live free.

The irony is that those that wish to destroy America have already begun their own destruction. By the time they understand and realize this, if ever, it will be too late. ‘ We, the people ‘ will never succumb. You may destroy us. You may remove America from the face of the earth. But you shall never succeed. You shall never be victorious. Your children, and their children after them, will live in nothing more than a nightmare of your own making.

America! We wish you well

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