Uniquities – The Store


The wealth of variety, and dare I say, diversity, of the objects that man has created throughout his history, is quite impressive. His creativety, and inventiveness, is unparalleled and seemingly boundless.

You may hear me talk of stuff. We all love stuff. We actually need stuff. Houses and cars. Clothes. Toilet paper. What would we do without toilet paper? What did people do three hundred years ago? Boy, have times changed. And for the better, me thinks. And the list could go on forever. Stuff that is absolutely necessary. Stuff we think is absolutely necessary, but really isn’t. Stuff that is necessary for me, and yet not for you. Stuff we like. Stuff we want. Stuff that we have no idea why we like it but want it anyway.

Simple stuff. Intricate stuff. Unique items. Interesting items. We are already looking for anything that may pique your interest. Only time will tell what form Uniquities will take. We will let you know.


At some point in the future we will attempt to bring you some choices that will compliment your visit. Many will be informational. Some will be functional or practical. Others will simply be pleasing to look at. We are looking forward to see what happens.