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We join him in welcoming you here to our Navigation Page, as well as the entire site.
This Page, as well as our other Footer Pages, are here for a single expressed purpose. To help you with your visit and your experience. All of the information contained within are simply a means to that end.
Since you are here, take the time to look around. We do things a bit different. We think we have a unique perspective, and we wish to share that mindset with you, We hope you enjoy and appreciate the time spent within our little piece of ‘reality’.
Are you looking for something different? Have you searched us out? Or are you here by happenstance, by serendipity? Did you stumble upon us by accident? Or are you being punished in some way?

We assume you are here to look at some quotes. To read some posts. To see some images
To Absorb     To Grow     To Reflect
And that is all we want you to do.
But don’t forget the Conversation. Please don’t forget the Conversation
We want to hear from you. Your thoughts. Your ideas. Your comments. We like to think that no one quite like you has ever been here before, and never will again. You have something unique inside, and we hope you will share that with us.
But until then, look around. We hope there is something for you here
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Our buttons are simply an alternative way to perceive our little world. An attempt to give you a distraction free experience. Focus on words and images. Quotes and thoughts. Nothing else. Try it and let us know what you think!

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Check out our buttons below. You have seen them all before and probably use them all the time. Here they are used in a different context, to give you the ability to interact with our content. Enjoy your stay.
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This will give the same result as hitting the F11 key on your keyboard. Gone are your tabs. Task Bar? Not for awhile. Clock? Who cares? You cannot even leave until you choose to do so. There is that choice again. Nothing to do but read the words and share the thoughts. Drink the quotes, and immerse yourself in the images. And when you are ready, or forced to return to your own brand of ‘ reality ‘? Simply hit the button.

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It doesn’t really get any simpler than this.
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We are trying something different. We hope that you will like it. Like everything else here, we are trying to look at things from a different perspective. WebSites are full of information, most of which you are not really interested in. It may all be necessary, but maybe not right NOW! We want to make it available so when you want it you can get it. We want you to be able to focus on whatever is in front of you. Enjoy the day!
The Navigation link is a summary of our Posts and Pages in a non-traditional custom format, suggesting options in a visual atmosphere. While similar to the grids on the individual pages, their are more varied options, including some of our favorites.
A page whose sole purpose is to allow you to communicate with us through a number of ways
In-Depth explanation of the shortcuts we are trying to implement for your enjoment
An attempt to give you a unique experience to look at our images in various formats to enhance the experience

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