Asylum – Philosophy


Experience peace listening to the sounds of silence
Asylum is a place of sanctuary where you may find privacy and protection. To grapple with the questions that are presented to you, in whatever form. Whenever they come before you and wherever you may be when they do. A place of calm where you diligently work to bring sense and structure to the terribly complex and sometimes amazingly simple issues, that mold us into the person that we want to be. To enjoy the freedom and calm that we all strive to achieve.
Happiness is just the icing on the cake.
Hopefully, and inevitably, we can share that achievement with all that wish for the same, and accept their own challenge towards enlightenment.


Philosophy is our own intimate and personal journey through discovery to that ultimate enlightenment. You are alone, and you follow a unique path in a world of confusion and contradictions, where there are no answers supplied to you as to the great questions of life. The scent of an intriguing clue. The whisper of a suspicion. The deep need to gather knowledge, to explain and understand. There are only hints and suggestions. It is ultimately up to you to think, and contemplate. To use reason and discover those answers for yourself


Practical Philosophy is a means toward that end. An attempt to bring order and structure to the chaos that exists all around us. It is a tool that allows us to navigate through a life that can be confusing and intimidating at times. Eventually, and hopefully, we gain a semblance of calm understanding. A comfortable knowledge that we, in fact, are in control of our own actions, and consequently, our own destinies. The world continues to turn, torrential and inexorably, and we can never hope to set the tone, or direction, of the Kracken, and yet we retain autonomy over our world, our words and our actions. The opportunity exists, for all of us, to live the life of a Warrior. A Warrior of the Mind.

To act with Integrity and Honor. To proudly exhibit our Ethics and our Personal Philosophy. To demonstrate to all that can see and hear us, that it is indeed possible to do so, and to enjoy the sojourn. Embrace life, and savor the time spent along the path that you have chosen.