Égalité – Politics

Equality. Justice for all. A noble goal. A difficult quest. The ultimate challenge.


The Great American Experiment is all of these things, and so much more. Or at least it was supposed to be. And it still can be. But only with resolve and determination. Integrity and Honesty. Unfortunately, these are all commodities that are in short supply these days. And it is difficult to understand why sometimes. The Founding Fathers created a thing of beauty. Not perfect by any means, but they knew that was to be the case. It was meant only to be a blueprint, a template, for the future development and evolution of the greatest country our world has ever seen. And it was well on its way. …. Until. Until the experiment was hijacked by individuals of ignorance and self-interest. People resolved to manipulate and direct the system to their own agendas. Opportunists determined to control others to their ends alone. Those afraid even of the concept of Integrity. Individuals devoid of Honesty. People who don’t even understand the meaning of the word.

The Great American Experiment was built upon the concept of the individual. And no system of men, able to truly live together in peace, has ever been able to exist, or ever will in the future, without that keystone of the Individual. Freedom and Justice for all. The same freedoms. The same justice. The same benefits, and the same responsibilities. NO EXCEPTIONS! No exceptions for race. No exceptions for sex. None for religion. And absolutely none for money.

Our country is awash in the scramble of the special interests to gain power and control, and to hold onto it. Some say it is human nature. We think it is only the lowest and least attractive aspect of mankind, and should never be allowed to prevail. Verifiable individual freedoms would ensure these groups receive justice. Not revenge. Not retribution. No restitution. But Justice, yes. Justice for all. You have to understand that every freedom confiscated from another gives an incentive to continue the environment of taking, and the dismemberment of a society and the dissolution of all freedoms today, and our entire country tomorrow. The imperative then exists only for the search for ways to obtain that power, with no time spent in the creation of a system that works for the benefit of all. This is not a fairy-tale. But the reality of the existence of such a system is not-so-slowly slipping through our fingers, like a beautiful and silky sand, to fall innocently into the swamp that continues to grow in the halls of government, where those insightful and visionary Fore-Fathers began the experiment, which now seems like such a long time ago, and in a land far away. Yes, unfortunately, just like in a fairy tale.


You’ve had your Conversation with Self. And the conversation with other individuals of like mind. But what of those with ‘ not-so-like ‘ minds?
There needs to be Discussion. There has to be Negotiation. Which leads to Compromise. And the most important of all, Agreement. And not the agreement of resolution. A much more difficult form of agreement. It sounds simple, but it is the agreement of resolve. We have to agree, when resolution is finally created, that we will abide with the consensus until that time that minds change and a new consensus is reached. And that is something we no longer have in our society. People demand freedom of speech when they feel the need to air grievances, and yet shout down, and demonstrate, and even use force to prevent others from exercising that same right. They want benefits with no responsibilities. They do not wish to debate or discuss. They have no need for negotiations. They do not want compromise. There will never be any resolution. They have little to offer except hatred. And the worst kind of hatred. Ignorant, animal hatred.

We have everything we need to still make this work. We have the system in place, albeit with inferior stock running the store. We have the laws, but obviously too many of them. And the lack of will and integrity to enforce those laws. There is that word, Integrity, once again. It is more precious than diamonds or gold, and so much more rare and dear. There can be no societal system of substance, with any chance of even the possibility of success, when individuals, with no real authority, can arbitrarily make decisions to disregard the laws passed to control the very thing they exhibit. Overreach and chaos. Anarchy. Let’s call it what it is. Our cities and states decide what laws to enforce, again arbitrarily, depending on a few individuals who temporarily hold a position of power, and are soon to be replaced. And they swore an OATH! An oath to uphold the Constitution and the Laws of the land. The same holds true for our representation in each and every state as well as in our nations capital. Their terms may not be so short, but the oath remains the same. Even our president decides, on a whim, which laws to hold people accountable for, and which to dismiss as outdated or unnecessary. The problem is HE HAS ABSOLUTELY NO RIGHT TO DO SO! The personal opinion of a sitting president is irrelevant when it comes to enforcement. In fact, as the Administrator of the country, his ONLY responsibility is to insure the laws are actually enforced. ALL the laws. And the Congress, created as a check and balance to the courts and presidency? What of them? Out to lunch, or on an extended vacation from reality. I should talk. My optimism that this can be changed makes me question my own reality. But I still believe in the ideals of this country. I love this country and what it stands for, and hope some day to see her rise again and bring light to the world, or the darkness will engulf us all, to an extent we can not even imagine.

Politics was developed as a way to confront, identify and resolve our differences. For the mutual benefit of all.
Maybe in a perfect world. It doesn’t seem to be working very well at the moment. Maybe in a fairy tale.