Eat Me ! – Food


We Think! Therefore ….. We Am! We Are! We Exist!

For life to exist we need but one thing. Energy. Energy makes the world go round. No, really. If there were no energy, the world itself would not spin. It would just sit there. Do Nothing. And die. So too for us. Without energy, we too would cease to move. To wither, and eventually die. Our sole impetus in life is to continue to exist. To survive. All else derives from that prime directive. To achieve this we need energy.

Stoke the Fire !     Feed the furnace !     We need to Eat !

And eat we must. And eat we will. It is a cumbersome task, and a continual and never-ending one. We will devote much of our lives to the process of eating to ensure that we live at all. Mankind is known as a hunter, and a gatherer. Not because it is his hobby, but because there is an imperative to keep that fire in his belly forever burning. His primary goal in lfe is not to work. Not to find a mate. Not to procreate. Not to coexist with others. Not even to think, although the better he is at thinking, the better he becomes at hunting and gathering. No, his primary goal is to exist, and to that end, to eat. All of the others will flow from that one thing, eating. No eat, No life.


Eating is a wonderful thing. It can be quite complex but mostly it is a simple process. The tastes. The textures. The smells! An exciting and pleasurable process. And at times, it can be a sensual experience as well. It can take hours to craft an intricate meal, or you can pull an apple or a peach from a tree, or pick some blueberries from a bush, and enjoy a gift from mother earth in each and every bite. And keep the fires burning. Or you can slide a Stouffers into the Micro and nuke it for a couple of seconds and continue on your way. The pleasure meter does not jump off the scale, but the imperative is satisfied for awhile. Needless to say, we will not be discussing the value of prepared foods very often, if at all.

But we will, indeed, talk of food. The art of the french fry. Exotic spices. Bread. The wondrous aroma of a fresh baked loaf of bread! The delicate taste of cheese. And wine. The nectar of the gods. And I don’t care what you say, I consider that a food.
We will talk of all these things, and so many more. Some quite obvious. Others, maybe not so much. But talk we will, and eat we must.