There are so many options that we envision bringing to our pages. Ideas present themselves in a number of ways, and just makes us want to do something about it. One of them is the ability to translate our content into a language of your choice. But there are many hurdles to pass to make this a reality.

Of course, the ability exists already. If you are not familiar with the process, you simply right click anywhere on your screen, for Google Chrome anyway, and the option comes up to translate the page to english. Hitting OPTION gives you the choice of pretty much any other language that you may wish to choose. One of the problems is that it would necessitate doing this on each and every page, and this is not our intention. We would like to change the choice to the whole site during your visit if you should choose to do so. At this point we are not even sure that this can be done. Another problem is that the images and quotes, since they are a hard image, will not be able to be translated. Of course, for quotes and poetry, the nuances are an extremely difficult thing for any program to master anyway, so I guess it is just as well.

Translations will never be a perfect option, but some of us have relations with people that may be interested in the content, but would have difficulties with the language, so no matter how imperfect, we are always looking to resolve issues to make what we do available to anyone with an even passing interest in what we are attempting to do here. And the subjects of Philosophy and Religion, as well as Politics, just makes it that much more difficult to bring clarity to concepts and ideas that can be a challenge under any circumstances, even when language is not even an issue.

In any case, we are looking into it and will try to bring some further options at some point in the future. If you have the knowledge to make some of this happen, and are willing to share, please feel free to contact us here at Lone Cypress. We would welcome your expertise.