There is little in this world and in this life that is as important as honest and thoughtful feedback.
It is worth it’s weight in pure gold

We invite you to share your observations and your suggestions with us. We value your opinions more than you might think
We Thank You !

The Suggestion Box can be a very important and powerful tool as well. Even the most insignificant information can at times be extremely useful and valuable. Your input can be instrumental in the development of this site, and even to the evolution of our own lives. Please feel free to voice your concerns and your suggestions to improve anything you see. It will all be considered, and acted upon when necessary.
We will respond when possible, and incorporate ideas that are feasible and in line with what we have envisioned for our little reality here at Lone Cypress. We look forward to a future that we can both enjoy and benefit from. Your cooperation and support and involvement will be significant in the success of our little experiment.

We often talk of the power of words here. They are a unique and versatile tool. They build and create. They allow us to communicate in a way that is simply vastly superior to any other being on our earth. But words can also hurt deeply, and destroy. They are a double edged sword, and should be handled with forethought, and compassion. Words have specific meanings and convey feelings and concepts that run from the simple to the complex to the sublime. Words are a wonderful part of our lives. Use them well.

We dream of a better world. A place where you can be happy, and free to follow your chosen path. Where I can do the same. A country where people stop forcing themselves on others, and begin to listen, and learn. To discuss, and debate. To have that Conversation that will untimately bring the tolerance and diversity that today exist only as words. Words that have meaning but no substance, because many do not believe the words pertain to themselves. But they must. If we are to succeed as a people, they must.
I do not know if there is a way to get there from here, but someone needs to try. And so we shall. We will see what we can do to change the world. Or die in the attempt.

So suggest something, already !

We are always happy to receive positive suggestions!

Our Suggestion Box is a Conversation within a Conversation. Anytime you notice something thaat doesn’t work for you, by all means bring it to our attention. We are always willing to entertain making adjustments to enhance your visit. But we all have to realize that we cannot implement every suggestion. We have a vision and we have our intent and expectations. If we feel that it would compliment, and especially if it creates a better experience, we will always consider your observations. Some may be something we were already thinking of and could be added within days or weeks. Others may need some time to research and bring to a place where they can be actally put in place. Some may be excellent ideas, and yet not in the character and personality we are trying to project. But rest assured, we will take every comment seriously and we greatly respect and appreciate the time and effort you put into bringing these items to our attention.
We THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts.