The Problem Box

We have found during our lifetimes that many people will tell you that they want to hear what you have to say. Especially wherever you work as well as in your personal relationships. Unfortunately, the reality is not so simple. Maybe your experience is better than ours, but we have found more empty rhetoric than real interest in our opinions. Most people, professionally and personally, are looking more for support as they attempt to rationalize their own lives with unconditional acceptance. It is difficult to not take it personally, and we can’t say we will never feel a small pang of resentment with what you may bring to our attention, and yet, we implore you to do so anyway. We want this endeavor to work, to be successful, and we feel it is imperative to have that Conversation we talk about for there to be any real chance of creating something from our vision. We only ask that you do so with consideration and understanding.


Please describe the problem you have discovered


We are very sorry if something did not live up to your standards. We honestly appreciate that you are bringing it to our attention. We will attempt to do whatever we can, within reason, to resolve your issue. It will always be our intention to bring you an enjoyable experience. Anything less and we have not lived up to our own expectations. We hope your next visit will be an improvement.