Mission Statement


Conversation         Contemplation         Comprehension


The Heart. The world around us is not communicating. They do not even try. People are talking. And yet, no one hears. There is a need for discussion and debate. The heart brings passion to the table. And love, as well as hate and animus.
Emotion should never lead


The Mind. There is but one solution to all the questions that plague us. That key is the power of thought. The imperative to Think. Philosophy can unlock the possibilities. Discovery and Identification are the first steps towards clarity.
Reason should forever be our arbiter and our guide.


The Soul. Our peacemaker. There can be no better place for the reigns of power than in her hands. The Benificent dictator. Understanding is the ultimate goal. It is the only possible answer that can ever bring resolution and direction as we move forward on our paths.
Peace. Contentment. Compassion. Empathy.