The Need To Learn

Here at Lone Cypress Workshop we feel a need to Learn. First and foremost, that need is to learn about ‘ self ‘. It is what following the ‘ PATH ‘ is really all about.
The imperative to question everything. The joy and satisfaction in Discovery. The peace and contentment of Growth. Such is the objective of our lives. And as you visit us here, you also become a part of that quest.
The need extends to learning about others, and in this case, that would be you, as well as the world we live on and the environment around us. We intend to devote the future to such an adventure, and we invite you to share in that journey.
Come and walk beside us. We will travel our paths, together, as they intersect, for a moment of time, perhaps an hour, or even forever. We welcome all kindred spirits, looking for knowledge,
and maybe, just maybe, we shall find the answers, such as if the light in the refrigerator stays on when the door is closed.