Why Are We Doing This ?

Lone Cypress Workshop is little more than an amorphous idea. A diamond in the rough, uncut and certainly unpolished. But like most stone, the beauty lies hidden deep in the fiber of the stone itself. Micheanglo’s David was just a block of marble. Until he touched it. He could see and feel the figure that existed within whereas no one else could do so. Lone Cypress is like that piece of marble. A means to an end. Like that stone, it has been more than just an idea gathering dust for decades. But the beauty, the reality, was imprisoned deep within the idea. I could feel the essence that emanates from the concept. I could almost touch the form that underlies that dream. It has existed forever, just under the surface of my consciousness, sometimes simmering, sometimes percolating with what ifs, and sometimes boiling over with energy and enthusiasm but without the focus, motivation and direction necessary to bring the form to fruition. The time has come for this sculpture of the intellect to come to life and experience the light of day. The first cut of the stone determines the finished product. The stonecutter contemplates, sometimes for quite some time, until he decides what shape and form the stone will embrace. So too has Lone Cypress been waiting for its first cut. While the end result may not be set in stone, as it were, it is time to experience whatever light lies within. We are here to discuss the perplexing and the challenging. The disturbing and the exhilarating. The jubillant as well as the tragic and the sad. And sometimes to dissect the unknowable. To attempt answers. To search for understanding. Of our fears and our hopes. Our dreams and our nightmares. Everything is always on the table. nothing is ever off the table. Come and add your contribution, your gift, to the pot. We are all ingredients in the ‘ Gumbo of discovery ‘.

Lone Cypress Workshop is here to try and bring a new paradigm to our world of conversation. We talk with one another continually, incessantly. But what is it that we say? Words should have meaning. And we listen even less, all the time. People have reduced personal face time between colleagues, between friends and even family members. Computers and phones have replaced conversations. They communicate by means of texts, imojis and abbreviations. They are on their phones seemingly 24/7 and from what I hear, saying very little of substance. Our society is well on its way to oblivion. This is not to say that these things are inherently evil. They are not. But nothing would be wrong with a little moderation. These devices are tools. Use them. Do not let them control you.

We are here to explore and improve our understanding of life and our surroundings. If successful, this will be a long term project to aid in the evolution of self and ego and philosophy. We haven’t mentioned it yet in any real detail, and we will, but there is a specific philosophical ideology at work here. Something we call ‘ Practical Philosophy ‘. There are multiple fields of thought in philosophy. Aesthetics, Logic, Metaphysical, Political. Even Epistemology,the study of words themselves. All interesting stuff. But we believe that there is a practical use for philosophy, if for nothing else than to give direction and to help save us from ourselves. We are looking to delve into philosophy and how it affects our daily lives, how it can improve and bring a semblance of peace to our time on this great, big, wonderful blue marble.

What’s Next ?