Eat Me !

Food For Thought

What can I say. I am guilty. I like to eat.

Food. Sustenance. Nourishment for the body. It’s pretty important. It keeps us going. It keeps us alive. It can be a chore sometimes. But if done right, it can be, and should be, a joy. But it is only a single part of what is important.

To you. To me. To all of us.

We all want to be healthy. We all need to be healty. We all can be, but that is only a single step towards happiness. Feeding the body keeps us alive. It can be a tasty experience, and one of the true enjoyments in life, in moderation of course. But there are other things that need nourishment if we ever expect to find that elusive happiness, that desirable and enviable state of peace and contentment.

We all have an inate thirst for knowledge. A hunger for revelation. Our thoughts are a driving force of our lives. Our minds need to be fed. It’s only real source of nourishment is philosophy. It gives the mind the ability to bring structure to chaos. To create questions from confusion. To reveal resolution to those same questions. With answers come direction and a ‘ raison d’ être ‘. Without philosophy our paths in life are but a trail leading no where in particular. Ahh, but with philosophy there now exists a reason to pursue our path, with expectation and anticipation.

The sister of philosophy is spirituality. This is the source of nourishment for the soul. She walks hand in hand with philosophy, never wavering, with the surety that together they will bring true peace and tranquility to self. They are soul mates, and they constitute your essence. Conflict between them can only create a tortured environment for a troubled individual. Together, they are unstoppable. They can be the source for everything you need, and anything you want. They represent the eternal font of what we are all seeking.

A happy body, and a happy mind, together with a happy soul, can only mean one thing ……

A happy you ! Enjoy it ! You deserve it !