We’re Sorry !


All we can say is that we are sorry that all of our content is not completely ready for you.
please forgive us as we struggle to bring the vision to these pages.

We are learning as we go. When we started this endeavor we had nothing but a dream. Now we still have the dream, a tiny bit of reality, and a website that should have been up months ago. The fact that it is not is simply because we had no idea just how involved it could be. We know what we want to bring to you, but lack some of the knowledge necessary to make it a reality. This will be rectified, but how soon is difficult to know for sure.

All we can say is that we are sorry that we still have one foot in the dream and the other in our new reality. Who knows if that will ever change. We find it hard to add something new without a pesky new idea calling for attention.

AND …..
We are going to go against conventional wisdom that says you should not put up a site that is not complete and ready. It will make you look unprepared and not professional. Guess what? We ARE unprepared, kinda sorta. But we are working on it, every single day. It will get better. You can bet on that. And we are NOT what you would call professionals, although we may be some day. But not just yet.

SO …..
We are going live because the frustration of waiting for perfection is just too much to take. We want to share, and now is the time to start. So please bear with us and things will come together. If you are seeing this message, it means you are looking around and that is, as Martha Stewart says, a ‘ good thing ‘.

Our preference is that you get acquainted with us as soon as possible. For us, the sooner the better. The site works, and the Main Menu will get you where you need to go. Experience our dream and our vision as it develops and grows. If you have observations or suggestions, just put them into the suggestion box. Of course, you will not be able to do so until we make one.

Enjoy the Adventure !
Ready or Not, Here We Come !