Government is NOT the Answer

Just Who Works for Who Anyhow ?

In a perfect world, we would have a goverment whose sole purpose is one that serves and protects it’s citizens. Wait a minute – I believe that is what we already have. I think it’s hidden around here somewhere. This has to be one the greatest, if not the greatest, miscarriages of societal justice imaginable, that some unscrupulous individuals, can hijack our entire system of goverment with their misguided ideologies, and have perverted our very existence with their evil and self-serving aspirations. The tragic part? The hijackers are those very same people whose job it is to ensure the protection of the system itself. Greed. Corruption. Hatred. The coin of the realm in our political environment today. Favor politics. The art of the lie, the misdirection, the creative omission.

They say that if you do not vote, do not complain about the results. I have been watching closely through many election cycles and you know what? . . . . Ain’t working. And we are supposed to be voting for representatives, not royalty. Their role is to be a proxy for us, and to implement our will, through debate and the vote. I hear no debate. The only thing I see, from both sides, as the saying goes, is ‘mudslinging’. Nothing but mud. All day. Everyday. Petty and infantile. Destructive, and in almost all cases, complete fabrication. And, as for voting, the party in power never holds a vote unless they are assured the votes for passage. That is absolutely NOT the way it’s supposed to be, fellas ( and fellettes ). Ideas, any and all that are proposed, should be voted on. Each representative should be required to stand up and vote, every day, and stand by his vote and his word, and accept responsibility for his position. In no reality that I can accept, do they have the right to make their own, personal, laws. They make them for us, and they swear to uphold the Constitution. And until they change that Constitution, which our forefathers had the intelligence and foresight to make as difficult as possible to make any of those changes, which, I might add, was by design, there is an imperative, and an absolute legal and moral obligation to follow to the letter, that Constitution and the laws that exist under that Constitution, irrespective of whatever personal opinions and ideologies that they may possess.

The opportunity, and that obligation, exists every day for them to do their jobs, to discuss and debate, to research and understand, to craft new or improved laws and to vote to bring about whatever change they may envision. To engage with not only those who agree with them but especially with those that do not agree with them. Convince your opponents. Convince me. Give it your best shot. Convince my neighbors. Show me your vision. Make me understand the benefit of what you propose and why I should agree with that vision. If you cannot change anyones position then what you promote has no value except as your opinion and has no right to be implemented as the law of the land.

Abraham Lincoln concluded his Gettysburg address with the words – ” that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth “. Well, ‘ we the people ‘ are getting the short end of the stick, and we don’t like it. Do your jobs. Stop complaining. Have some integrity, some class and some decorum. The real problem is that you only understand the art of politics. You don’t have a clue as to what represents governing. The only special interest that should concern you is your country and ‘ we the people ‘. Please.

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