I Swear

I Swear , by my life

There are few things more sacred to me than my word, and my philosophy. I declare here, before anyone who may ever see this, that I will never live my life for another man, nor ask him to live for mine. This does not mean that I could not, or that I would not. It does not mean that I would refuse to do so, but only that what I do would be of my own volition. My choice, and only mine. There is no obligation for my actions unless I give consent to those actions. Conversely, all other individuals have that same right. To determine their own actions and their own destinies. With that right comes the responsibility for those actions taken. One lives for another by coercion ( government or criminal, but I repeat myself ) or by choice, which would be my decision, and mine alone. No one dictates my obligation. I choose who I care to associate with, who I wish to do business with, who I decide to help in whatever manner. Who I like, and who I love. And I choose the degree to which those choices will be manifest. I extend to every other individual those same rights. The right to choose. The right to accept. The right to decline. And I demand that they accept the responsibilities inherent with those choices, as I do. To do anything less would be disingenuous and dishonest.

The wishes and inclinations of other individuals are irrelevant. Those of government are irrelevant. So, too, those of religion. The imperatives of political correctness are even less than irrelevant. Their obligations are not mine. We may at times agree and work towards common goals, but only, with no exceptions, by mutual agreement.

I am prepared to die for my beliefs. If you have nothing that you are willing to die for, you have little to live for. Possessing values gives depth and meaning to life. Integrity gives you the opportunity to display and defend those values. There are few things, indeed, in my life, that are unconditional. Only the value system defined by my philosophy, and the love I hold for a handful of people. Everything else is conditional. My life is, for what it is worth, my life only. I struggle sometimes with being true to that philosophy. My struggle. My life.

I invite you into my reality. I wish to share my thoughts and my ideas, my hopes and fears, and my dreams. You may agree. You may disagree. Our interaction needs to be one of mutual agreement, to a mutual benefit. Anything more is not possible, and anything less destroys any value that we may receive from the exchange. The good thing is, that the choice is all yours. As it is mine as well. You will always have the ability and the option to walk away, to stop talking, to stop listening. Those are decisions that you have control over. There will never be manipulation. There will be no coercion. There will never be anything but choice. There is much to discuss. I hope to talk with you at some point in the future.

    ‘ à bientôt ‘

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